In 2009, the MRC of Vallée-de-la-Gatineau adopted a sound regulation to protect the shoreline. We invite the residents of the Castor Blanc Peninsula to read and respect it. See the regulation.


In addition, for the sake of vision in the short, medium and long term, and to ensure that the residents of the Castor Blanc Peninsula live in a harmonious, peaceful and eco-responsible environment, the promoter Wigwam has thought it necessary to enact special conditions.

All of these conditions shall be part of the deed of sale and the purchasers, their heirs and assigns, shall be required to comply with them.

Constructions erected on the subdivision are subject not only to the municipality’s zoning requirements and all applicable building codes or regulations, but also to the following conditions, standards and restrictions.

A copy of the implementation plan, the plans and specifications and the drawings of any residence must be submitted to the promoter of the project and its written approval is required before any excavation or construction may begin. It shall be the same for any modification to said plans, specifications and drawings. The plans and specifications will be evaluated according to the following terms and conditions:


The site plan must be located on the land in the most advantageous way without affecting the possibilities for neighbouring lands to build their wells and septic fields. It should be noted that the conservation of as many trees as is reasonably possible should be an objective.

No work likely to obstruct the natural drainage of the land, or drainage ditch created for this purpose, on the land itself or at the edge of the street, shall be performed.


In the construction criteria, the scale and volume of the house models of the area or of the immediate environment shall be respected. It should be noted that a diversity of compatible styles is sought.

As for the type of exterior cladding and the combinations of colours, we recommend a choice of materials that blend well with the country character of the surrounding natural environment.


A two (2) storey home (excluding cellar and garage) shall have a minimum size of 800 sq. ft. and a maximum size of 1,900 sq. ft. A one (1) storey house (excluding cellar and garage) shall have a minimum of 600 sq. ft. and a maximum of 1,500 sq. ft.


  • The exterior of any construction shall be completed within twelve (12) months of the date the building permit is issued by the municipality and the earthworks within twenty-four (24) months of the same date.

  • Any violation of any of the provisions hereof may be subject to an injunction or claim for damages, at the expense of the offender.

  • Standards and restrictions must be respected by all purchasers, representatives or assigns following any subsequent transfer.

  • No other construction than a single-family dwelling shall be erected on each lot sold.

  • No excavation shall be done on the land unless it is for the immediate construction of a building.

  • No building, other than a completed house, shall be inhabited on the property.

  • No retail business shall be allowed on the property sold, nor any truck, tractor or other vehicle bearing trademarks, except those used for the personal transportation of the owner of the land. Such vehicles shall not be visible to passers-by for advertising purposes. Also, a house for sale or rent sign shall not exceed a size of six (6) sq. ft.

  • No rubbish, garbage, scrap metal or demolished car shall be kept on the property.

  • All these conditions and stipulations are considered essential and are an integral part of the deed of sale and the purchasers shall be required to comply with them.


  1. The owners, tenants and occupants of all lots must ensure that the tranquility of each of the owners of the other lots is not disturbed, at any time, by their behaviour, that of their family, guests, customers or people at their service.

  2. Lots must be used for residential purposes only. Any other use is strictly forbidden.

  3. No sign, advertisement, publicity or the equivalent shall be placed on the facade of buildings, or elsewhere.

  4. The colour of the exterior paint of the cottages built or to be built, the type and quality of cladding and, in general, all that contributes to the harmony of the whole, shall respect the colours and types of materials approved by the owner of the dominant tenement.

  5. Each owner of a servient tenement shall, at his own expense, maintain his buildings and accessories in good condition, clean and ensure conformity with sanitary standards.

  6. No animal, other than domestic, shall be kept on any servient or dominant tenement. No domestic animal considered harmful shall be kept on any dominant or servient tenement.

  7. It is strictly forbidden to subdivide or make any cadastral modification to any servient tenement. The land shall remain in its original dimension, as it was when Wigwam sold the land to the owners.

  8. Except for those already authorized hereunder, all new constructions, such as garages, sheds or alterations to existing ones on any servient tenement shall be prohibited if not approved by the owner of the dominant tenement, who shall, however, transmit his comments and recommendations in a maximum period of 30 days. The reasons for refusal shall be given in writing to the owner and these reasons have to be reasonable; in its deliberations, consideration shall be given to the quality of the materials, the respect of these standards and the architectural integration of the project in relation to the whole site.

  9. The construction of a detached garage of a minimum size of 200 sq. ft. and of a maximum size of 1,000 sq. ft. is possible for each of the serving tenements. This building shall have to be in harmony with the existing buildings and the types of materials allowed.

  10. It is strictly forbidden to bury waste or garbage in the soil.

  11. Any owner of a servient tenement shall have to leave a wall of trees around his property so that his principal residence and outbuildings remain as discreet as possible from the lake and neighbouring properties.

  12. All rights acquired to date shall be retained for existing uses and constructions as well as for future construction rights to replace them. However, if a construction protected by acquired rights is destroyed by more than fifty percent (50%), these acquired rights shall cease and any repair or new construction shall have to respect the obligations mentioned hereunder.

  13. The owner of the dominant tenement shall have the opportunity to review the plans for all or part of the constructions and associated projects for any servient tenement. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate the harmony of the external design of the new residences with the existing ones and to evaluate the projects from a perspective comprising the whole project.

  14. The installation of a SPA shall be permitted, but the quality of this development and its location shall first be approved by the owner of the dominant tenement.

  15. Private outdoor above ground pools are prohibited on servient tenements.

  16. Use of chemical products and pesticides is strictly prohibited.

  17. All open fires shall comply with the laws and regulations in force, shall not be carried out within ten (10) meters of the shore and shall be safe.

  18. No type of internal combustion engine (gas-gasoline) over 10 HP shall be used on the lake.

  19. Snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, motocross and any other vehicle of this type: it is forbidden to keep more than 3 vehicles of this kind on any servient tenement and these vehicles shall be removed from the view of neighbours and passers-by, on the road or on the lake.

  20. No trailers, tent trailers, permanent tents are allowed. Only temporary (maximum of thirty (30) days tent installation on a lot is permitted.

  21. Hunting and the use of firearms are prohibited.

  22. Intense or continuous noise from loudspeakers, sound systems, motors without proper silencers, power saws or any other motorized equipment or other sources which generate noises that jeopardize the tranquility and quiet enjoyment of other owners, is prohibited.

  23. Watercrafts are prohibited.

  24. The supply of drinking water and the wastewater management of each of the residential units shall be the responsibility of each of the owners. They shall maintain the quality of their facilities and shall comply with provincial and municipal regulations for septic and water supply facilities.

  25. Fireworks are prohibited.